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Resellers will be supporters of the FCAPF and will have the right to purchase PCAA gear wholesale either by going through PCAA headquarters or through PCAA League Organizers, whereby they may have the PCAA organize a singular or group wholesale purchase or may buy wholesale (probably at a slightly higher price) from League Organizers (LOs).

Only a limited quantity of Resellers will be recruited per locale--so as to grant some level of merchant exclusivity. Resellers will have exclusivity to merchandising in their locales that is not part of an LO event. However, LOs who will have full right to market their PCAA goods at any PCAA event the LOs conduct in any national locale.

The best candidates for Resellers will be those PCAA supporters who are most likely to come into massive contact with that part of the public sector that would potentially be most interested in the subject of paying college athletes and that would possess sufficient general economic income necessary to give good patronage to PCAA merchants.

Resellers will retain their reseller status by making adequate sales regarding PCAA merchandise and by practicing fair and trustworthy policies toward their customers. Wholesale prices will be kept at a low-cost level, allowing room for LO's and Resellers to make a reasonable profit.

Resellers will:

1) have the right to purchase PCAA goods wholesale through PCAA headquarters or from LOs, whereby they make keep any resulting profits for themselves.

2) be granted exclusive marketing rights for their designated locales--except regarding LO-organized PCAA events.

3) be eligible to purchase PCAA tickets at bulk discounts and then resell them at their own price.

4) have their name/handle or (if applicable) business/organization listed on the Contact Members page under the "RESELLERS" heading, with their choice of one photo (example: business/organization logo), up to a 100-word description of their business/organization, and a link to their business/organization Web site if they have a site.

5) be allowed to post announcements on the PCAA MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENTS page regarding their PCAA endeavors.

6) be required to allow PCAA promotional material to be displayed at their selling space (if they operate one) and/or be open to distributing such literature if they operate without an established selling space.

7) be vulnerable to having their exclusivity--and even Reseller status--revoked if they fail to acquire adequate sales for PCAA merchandise, charge retail prices in excess of those prescribed by PCAA headquarters and/or conduct themselves undesirably regarding PCAA representation.

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Regular Members will be anyone supporting the PCAA cause of establishing the FCAPF and supporting PCAA endeavors in general until the FCAPF is allowed to operate.

Regular Members wanting PCAA merchandise will purchase it from League Organizers (LOs) and/or Resellers, with LOs acquiring it directly from the producer under supervision of the PCAA. Since the PCAA itself will not be producing the goods, the PCAA will not be responsible for any defective and/or undesirable goods produced; therefore, any disputes regarding customer dissatisfaction will be contested between buyer, seller and/or producer. However, the PCAA will take appropriate action upon any impropriety practiced by producers and/or by PCAA LOs and Resellers.

Regular Members will also be eligible to purchase PCAA tickets at discounts from LOs and Resellers.

Regulars will:

1) receive email updates regarding PCAA endeavors.

2) be eligible for special deals regarding PCAA merchandise sold by PCAA League Organizers and Resellers.

3) be eligible for discounted ticket prices offered by PCAA League Organizers.

4) be allowed to post announcements on the PCAA MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENTS page regarding their PCAA endeavors.


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