Until the FCAPF is allowed to function in all its glory, the PCAA will seek activists from around the nation interested in establishing a PCAA Sporting League that will help raise funds for the organizers and especially for former college athletes desiring to establish or expand businesses--preferably in needy/deprived areas of the nation.

The process is that individual League Organizers (LOs) will conduct PCAA sporting events and generate enough interest to where athletes around the nation will support the cause of forming a PCAA league.

First, LOs will locate and sponsor a former athlete (SA = "Sponsored Athlete") who wants to establish or expand a local business in the inner city and/or in any local area that needs the benefits of such a business.

The LOs will then promote and conduct sporting events, while also promoting the SA so that they can get public support for him/her.

The sporting events would feature at least two opposing teams, with prize money being awarded to winners and consolation money being given to runners-up. Trophies and/or plaques would also be awarded.

Vendors of all *acceptable types (*no alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, adult paraphernalia, weaponry, or offensive items)  could be allowed to sell their wares in exchange for either an upfront fee or, maybe, 25 or so percent of the profits going to the control of the LOs. Plus, sponsors could be found willing to contribute in exchange for exposure in PCAA literature and/or for the right to host manned tables or booths at the events.

Also, PCAA paraphernalia would be sold. The LOs would be allowed to print/produce and sell PCAA Tees, Caps, etc. and keep 50% of the profit for themselves, with the rest going to the SA. LOs could greatly decrease operating costs by also finding sponsors willing to contribute financially in exchange for banners or other ads and maybe also for the right to man tables/booths where they may promote their goods/services during the events.

Of course, LOs would also be responsible for acquiring the venues, selling/taking tickets, providing maintenance of facilities, acquiring officials/referees, and also providing any needed security measures. Regarding any possible physical injuries resulting from athletic competition, the LOs could require that all athletes sign a disclaimer stating the LO, nor the PCAA, is not responsible for any such injuries. LOs and SAs would equally split any profits generated from the events,  with the LOs, and the SAs also individually managing any resulting taxes.

LOs may conduct as may sporting events as they wish, in as many sporting categories as feasible, in as many locations as accessible--as long as they follow the aforementioned process above.

Should enough support surface to form a league, the PCAA and its LOs would then work together to put it together. (Note: Should the FCAPF become adopted, the PCAA leagues would no longer be needed and would probably be disbanded.)

(ALSO: Besides sporting events, the PCAA is also interested in being promoted via concerts, fundraisers, etc. If you are interested in this, contact the PCAA for details.)

LOs will:

1) be allowed to establish PCAA leagues in as many localities as they wish that sponsor athletes desiring to establish/expand businesses (especially in needy areas). LOs may conduct PCAA sporting events in order to raise capital for said athletes and, if desired, may also retain a portion for the profits for themselves.

2) be allowed to purchase or have printed and/or produced, PCAA merchandise (T-shirts, caps, key chains, etc.) on a factory-direct, production-cost basis, sell it, and keep 50% of all profits for themselves while donating the rest of the profits to their sponsored athlete. They will also be allowed to offer PCAA-product deals to PCAA members below their ranking--at retail and/or wholesale pricing.

3) be given a free Web site for their league, maintained by the PCAA.

4) have their name/handle or (if applicable) business/organization listed on the Contact Members page under the "LEAGUE ORGANIZERS" heading, with their choice of one photo.

5) be required to distribute--or make very visibly available--promotional literature and material promoting the PCAA cause for the purpose of recruiting members. All materials will be provided free of charge by the PCAA. Also, they must video all their events so that the PCAA (and they) can use the videos to promote the PCAA and as evidence that the events were well-conducted.

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