Semisocialism, An Alternative Government and Economic System (Updated January, 2013)
(100 pages, 5" X 8")—by Keith B. Anderson.
ISBN: 978-0-692-27764-5

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I, Keith B. Anderson, hereby grant all interested parties the right to copy, distribute, and/or sell the contents of this literature to the public without royalty obligations to me—so long as I am credited as the original author, the material remains unaltered, and so long as interested parties maintain all updates (by purchasing the latest edition).

LET THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT SEMISOCIALISM! Tell them there is an alternative system to the malignant one now in place. My reward will be the establishment of a more fair world for all…..should such ever occur.



Semisocialism, in a nutshell, is the socialist distribution of the necessities and the capitalist, or free-market, distribution of the luxuries or nonessentials. The golden rule is that, regarding a nation’s resources, the welfare of the people is taken care of before the resources are release to the capitalist market. Government shall market raw resources and some services in order to raise revenue. There will be no income tax whatsoever imposed upon the citizenry.

Societies should establish their socioeconomic structure on the basis that all citizens should have at least a decent life. All social support systems should be designed with the intent to accommodate said basis.

Land should be allotted in equal amounts to the citizenry, with no taxes imposed. (There will be future generations who will come upon the earth who weren’t around before to speak up for their fair share; thus, land should be set aside for them when they become adults.) Those who conceive of beneficial ways in which land held in excess can be used should be allowed to harness the properties of said excess land if given a majority vote by the public. The majority of land space should be set aside for the preservation of nature.

Resources and their benefits should be distributed equitably to the populace. Resources in their rawest state should be governmentally controlled and sold by government to the populace.

Mother Nature is the ultimate dictatorial entity that determines whether or not humanity should reshape its priorities regarding whether or not human actions are beneficial or detrimental to the natural covenant.

Education is vital to a nation’s survival and status and should be provided to the people free of charge by government.

Monetary Management should be arranged so that currency continuously rises in value. The government should use technological innovation to continuously lower the cost of living in order to accommodate an ever-increasing standard of living.

The Penal System should concentrate on rehabilitation and should be based on the moral principle that societies planned by man are never perfect and therefore can harbor detriments to the development of human character. On that basis, man is a forever-imperfect being who should not be given the right to determine whether another human being—who can be imprisoned—should live or die.

A Humanitarian Outlook is essential if societies are to achieve social harmony between sectors of the various classes.

Population Control measures will be necessary if the human population achieves a volume that outstrips comfortable land and resource availability. Therefore, the most knowledgeable scientists should be called upon to set a maximum population limit around which society can plan its expansion and development.

Man was meant to live in harmony with his brothers and sisters of Earth. A master plan of action should be adopted that will unite humanity in progressive endeavors.

The Natural Order: Higher calling, nature, man. When either of these is moved out of place, mankind's guidance and motivations become misplaced. Man needs a higher calling—or God—for purpose, giving him something to strive for, to make life universally worthwhile.....a shining star at the end of his endeavor to elevate. Nature: the provider of sustentation, and the ecological balance which warns man when his steps toward progression have gone awry and which rewards him with the most powerful and purest of conquests when all is well and good. And man himself is the object of affection, the "grand experiment" vested with the greatest potential to discover the ultimate meaning of sentient existence.

Abortion: Legal in the first trimester. Technology should be sought to make birth control easier or abortions unnecessary.

Arts and Entertainment: The government should be allowed one media network for important info and for lesser-known artists. The commercial sector shall control the rest.

Banks shall be controlled by government, operated by salaried personnel. The main purpose of banks shall be to loan money widely and efficaciously while ensuring its safe return.

Business may be conducted by the private sector in all legal areas of commerce that the government isn’t marketing in order to raise revenue.

The Credit Industry shall be heavily regulated by government, wherein a credit limit for all cards collectively shall be imposed according to individual customer income.

Day Care— Provided free of charge by government.

Deaths, Laying to Rest shall be conducted by cremation, saving the land for the living and for nature.

Defense— Military force shall center around defense. Offensive operations shall be launched only if absolutely necessary for protecting the nation’s vital interests.

Displaced Workers— Workers displaced by technology or obsolescence shall receive free retraining by the government.

Elections— Decided by popular vote. In national elections, voters will be required to rank multiple candidates in order of preference so that candidates from less populous locales will be given a more fair chance.

Recreation Drug Usage shall be legal for adults and shall be treated as a health and social problem.

Gambling— Legalized gambling shall be conducted by government, with the proceeds being used as revenue, thereby lowering prices the government charges for raw resources and some services.

Guns— Private handgun ownership shall be banned. All private firearms must be at least 36 inches in length.

Health Care that is essential and vital shall be provided by government to the citizenry free of charge. Nonessential health care shall be privately controlled.

Housing shall be subsidized for those of lower income who can’t afford the prevailing market price.

Immigration shall be allowed as long as the population limit has not been reached.

Insurance in essential areas shall be subsidized by government for those who cannot afford it in the private sector.

International Aid and Trade shall be engineered to be fair and balanced to the nation. Only those resources not needed for the nation’s immediate welfare shall be considered as eligible aid for foreign nations.

Inventions and New Products that are of the more important levels shall receive governmental aid concerning intellectual protection, development and marketing. The government will have full rights to produce and use all new products for the nation’s wellbeing but must adequately compensate all applicable inventors.

Jurisprudence shall be conducted in such a manner as to find the truth behind cases. It shall never be a competition to convict or exonerate a defendant.

Minimum-Wage Enforcement will be enforced by the government in governmental jobs and in cases where the private sector significantly benefits from incentives that come from dealing with the government.

Retirement and Elderly Age— There shall be no specific age set for retirement. However, when citizens reach a specified age, they will begin receiving a basic subsistence check.

Revenue— All revenue acquired by the government will be derived from its marketing of goods and services (sustenance, utilities, resources and fuels, transportation, rent, postal services, production and marketing services, bank loans, bonds) and from fines and penalties. A surcharge will be added to the production and/or operating costs of these commodities (bonds excluded) of an amount capable of maintaining governmental operations.

Sustenance— The government (Department of Sustenance) will control and operate all major farmland and all massive endeavors dealing with the production, raising, and capturing of crops and livestock which serve to feed the nation and which shall be traded internationally. The commercial sector shall control the market in such items as soaps, furniture polish, deodorants, mouthwash, etc., and will also control it in all finished edible products such as bread, cakes, pizza, cereal, and snack food. Aesthetic crops such as flowers, shrubbery, and ferns shall be completely commercially controlled; also the raising and selling of pets shall be a capitalistic endeavor.

Transportation— All major forms of the nation's domestic and international transportation patronized by the general public shall be governmentally controlled and operated. The private sector will completely control all taxis and limousines, car rental services, cruise ships, and all joyrides.

Utilities sold to the populace and the facilities which produce them are to be controlled and operated by the government. The populace shall purchase them according to their rate of usage.

Semisocialist’s Answer to Socialists: Socialism is necessary in order to ensure that resources are equitably disbursed for the good of all; however, capitalism is a very beneficial agent that encourages creativity and the extra effort to become the most successful that one can be. Capitalism done right is capitalism subjugated under socialism. Socialism properly enforced destroys the ability of greed to harm and marginalize the populace. Money is a very useful medium through which to track and reward individual contributions to society. The quantity of work hours one spends at labor is proportional to the amount of currency that one is paid. Money itself is not the problem. It is the imbalanced distribution of it that creates difficulties and disharmony in society. Semisocialism balances socialism and capitalism.

"Semisocialism" has been used as a reference in the following books:

Re-Framers: 170 Eccentric, Visionary, and Patriotic
Proposals to Rewrite the U. S. Constitution. By John R. Vile

ISBN: 9781610697330

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